Miley Cyrus Christmas Tree Ornaments: A Naked Holiday Miracle
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 02, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    This Christmas, you can deck your halls with balls-on Miley! After noticing a photo posted on Reddit by a holiday prankster who is sneaking the "Wrecking Ball" swinger into family and friends' firs, we decided to check the always crafty and chic Etsy market for real-life Christmas tree ornaments made to mirror Miley Cyrus. Low and behold, this is a thing that we can only assume, and hope, will get even bigger.

    The image above is the example designed by Redditor charbok. For those without the creative touch, we suggest checking out the listings below:

    Etsy's ShootingNotes has created a naked Miley ornament with a 10-year-old's craftsmanship. She describes: "She comes with no strings attached, she's enjoying the single life, but you can add whatever kind of string you want to customize her to your taste."

    Ceramicpixel took Miley off the ball, and stuck her in it. For a few more bucks, you can have a customized Miley Wrecking Ball that says your own dumb name beneath the dense, naked blond! You are also given the option of whichever near-nude Cyrus you want adorned within your den!

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