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    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 02, 2010

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    Vampire Weekend is now suing photographer Tod Brody over the alleged stealing of their album cover photo. Ann Kirsten Kennis, the sweater-clad chick from their 2010 album Contra, is suing Vampire Weekend for $2 million, claiming she did not give anyone permission to use the photograph. We're suing Ann Kirsten Kennis for symmetry. Tod?

    According to NME, "the band claim he 'misrepresented certain facts and breached contracts. Responsibility, if any, for damages claimed by [Kennis] rests entirely on Brody'". [via.]

    We've discussed the legal issues here with our lawyer friend Nancy Wolff, and it seems that Kennis could win if she asserts that her likeness was used for commercial gain, and Vampire Weekend seems to think that she has a case based on their new suit against Brody. Kennis claims that Brody didn't even take the photograph, adding the confusion of what she is suing for. To add to the mystery, neither the band nor the courts have any idea where to find Tod Brody.

    Next up: the manhunt begins! But probably not. Vampire Weekend's potentially costly Contra continues to be up for album of the year. -joe puglisi

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