the guest apartment: miniature tigers
    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 02, 2010

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    Miniature Tigers make a bit of a twisted sound. Strange yelps, trippy harmonies, laser beaming synths, and the kind of beats that make it easy to pounce around the campfire. These are the facets the LA based four-piece occupy their time with, holing up from the dead pan seriousness of the world in pursuit of something just a bit more breezier, albeit weirder as well. Perhaps that's why they've dubbed their most recent album Fortress. Their music is a safe haven from life's less savory elements. So it's appropriate we offered the band a similar sort of sanctuary when we invited them to shake up The Guest Apartment with a few of their playful, psych pop skirmishes.

    Yes, like many that have come before them, Miniature Tigers had to leave some of their sonic accessories at home when they paid us a visit. But this session still taps into the unique bits of songs like "Bullfighter Jacket", "Lolita", and "Tropical Birds", shining a definite focus on the schized-out rhythms and demented harmonies that drive them along. In conversation, the band also touch on some of the inspirations that might account for the twisted flavoring of Fortress. So, while the doors are open, we strongly encourage you to storm Miniature Tigers' strange sonic fortress in this segment of The Guest Apartment. - David Pitz

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    The Guest Apartment: Miniature Tigers

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