spoon release an album of demos
    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 02, 2010

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    Spoon has released an album of previously unreleased demos and alternative recordings for your indie listening pleasure. All of the songs were recorded between 2008-2009 so all songs were recorded during the time the band was making their 2010 album Transference. Sure, demos and whatnot are usually for the hardcore fans only, but who isn't a hardcore fan of Spoon? Check out the bands website and download at the low price of $7. Check out the tracklist below:

    Bonus Songs: 2008-2009
    1 Was It You Demo
    2 Rhythm and Soul Demo
    3 Don't Let It Get You Down Demo
    4 Cherry Bomb Country Version Demo
    5 My Little Japanese Cigarette Case Oceanside Demo
    6 Merchants of Soul Demo
    7 Eddie's Ragga Writing Exercise
    8 My Mathematical Mind Demo
    9 You Gotta Feel It Rehearsal
    10 In the Right Place the Right Time Demo

    Go to the band's Official Site to grab the album.-brendan mehan

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    Official Site
    Spoon on Myspace

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