worst record: a rap supplement
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 02, 2009

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    Shawtyyyy! Hey guys I know your ears are still sore from the last time we met (TWSS, but I certainly hope not for real). But I noticed something important that everyone should know about rap. It can be pretty awful! And not just "I'm-a-member-of-a-popular-punk-band-and-want-to-rap-about-potaterrible" but also "nerd, nerd, Legend of Zelda, braces." I'm really not kidding around. Jump if you dare.

    Shame on Nintendo for taking a leaf out of "Rap For Dummies" by Dee Dee King. He needs that leaf. It is all he has left. Oh and it doesn't stop there, even celebrities wanted to pop off this rap thing:

    OK that was kind of funny. "I called suicide prevention and they put me on hold!" (yeah I know what that is like, especially after listening to Standing In The Spotlight a thousand times). But seriously, rap can be awful, and my point is EVERYONE was doing terrible raps in the 80's. It is not your fault Dee Dee Ramone. You were just riding the trend. Next time, wear a helmet and don't talk about root vegetables.

    Thus, the search continues. As always, your suggestions although encouraged, are almost never appreciated (by critics).[Thanks Asylum]-joe puglisi

    The Word Record Of All Time: Dee Dee King

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