Single Serving Of Holiday Cheer: Chris Mastheim 'Children Go Where I Send Thee'
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    For the full effect, please read aloud: Chris Mastheim has released a Christmas album, Chris Mast Style. If you still don't get it then no one can help you ever, or you were born under the happiest rock on earth void of commercial holidays and religion. Well, Chris Mastheim a.k.a. Nicholas Krgovich (GiGi, No Kids, P:ano) was born under the oppressive regime of Christmas. Rather than contribute to the holiday spirit with a gag track, or a nauseatingly heartwarming cover of a Christmas classic, Krgovich was opted to aurally electrify Christmas for all to hear. His cover of the often caroled, spiritually significant, old-time classic "Children Go Where I Send Thee," is anything but old-timey.

    Chris Mast Style is available for free download on Bandcamp. Listen to the easy to swallow EDM carol below:

    Nicholas Krgovich's debut solo album On Sunset is out now on iTunes.

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