Now Playing: Other Lives
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2012

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Stillwater Oklahoma's Other Lives bring gigantic swells of beautiful, yet profoundly macabre moods to this session captured in one of our favorite urban hideaways. With a sound that could have been lifted from the finales of the best spaghetti Westerns, the band powers this performance with a bevy of exquisite instrumentation. Swells of autoharp, eerie cuts of strings, ghostly peels of harmonium and a percussive drive that gallops off into the sunset make for gorgeous compositions that lie somewhere at the intersections of classical and pop constructions. Along the way singer Jesse Tabish tangos with dark subject matter that cloud over "Tamer Animals", "Old Statues" and "Dust Bowl III". Touching on the meaning of human existence, mankind's apocalyptic capabilities of destroying our environment, and what simple sustenance might require in the future, our latest session is a deep and reflexive experience; one of the finest sessions we've had the chance to capture this year.

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