Goodbyes: Farewell, Baeble!
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2011

    • Posted by: Stefanie Wray

    Today we say goodbye to our writer Stefanie Wray, with one of our more unbelievable internet finds.

    I don't know what you do at work, but for the past semester my responsibilities have consisted of listening to music and saying whatever I want about it. Having worked some crap jobs in my time, I can safely say this is the sweetest gig a music loving grad student could ask for.

    I'm excited about the job I'll be starting next semester, but I'm fairly sure my work email won't be overflowing with MP3 files, music videos and breaking music news. I doubt my next assignments will be to review The Meat Puppets at Le Poisson Rouge or interview Howe Gelb in the West Village. I'm feeling nostalgic already. Will I still get to watch old Madonna and new Arcade Fire music videos and call it research?

    Today I was introduced to (maybe) the worst metal video ever made on our pitch board (though I think the competition is stiff in that category). I leave you, the reader, with a taste of my serious work load...we introduced you to the Metalcycle, now prepare to enter an Alternate Reality that never should have been:

    ... Farewell, Baeble, it's been grand:

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