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    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2008

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    ...lovely lykke leaping

    If for some strange reason the Christmas season hadn't yet sunk in around these partsif by chance we missed the lights, the insane shoppers on the sidewalk, the bountiful bunches of holiday cheer/frustrating jeer, Mother Nature dumped a nice phat reminder on NYC today. Snow, Sleet, Rainit's a real mess out there. Which is why we'd rather stay inside and continue counting down our favorite concerts from the year with Baeble's Twelve Days of Christmas. Today we're on to #10.

    Lykke Li: she is a sassy Swedish performer who derives her infectiously cool pop treatments from sometimes minimalist, occasionally odd, yet always catchy musical elements. A simple, back alley percussive rhythm here, a 60s girl group chorus there, a few do-wopping saxophone lines thrown in to boot; a fine comb through her music reveals just how patchwork it really is. But listeners will also discover just how deliberate, and meticulously pieced together (all conceived under the watchful eye of Peter, Bjorn, and Johns Bjrn Yttling) it is as well. This is perfect pop fit for mass consumption. So, please, by all means, consume away. - david pitz

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    VIDEO: Lykke Li:: Live at the Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY

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