SONG OF THE DAY: 'buy me diamonds' by Bea Miller
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Sure, this song came out earlier this year in the warmer months, but it's never been more relevant. Ladies, this one's for you. With the holiday season now in full force, this is the song we all need -- or, what our significant others need. Seriously, when your boyfriend asks you what you want for Christmas, just send him this track. It's pretty straight forward and to the point.

    Who needs love? Flowers die, chocolates get eaten. "Buy me diamonds, give me something I can hold and call my own / won't run out and leave me cold," pop singer Bea Miller demands on her track, "Buy Me Diamonds." I mean, the relationship might not work out, but diamonds are forever, right? They can't break your heart. They won't cheat on you. Nothing but trust, love, and good looks... You deserve it, girl. The bouncy, dance-flavored track is also super catchy, so you can wear those diamonds as you dance around the club... Or alone in your bedroom mirror. Either way, it's one of those songs that makes you feel good.

    "Buy Me Diamonds" is from Miller's EP chapter two: red, out now.

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