Baeble's Top 10 Concert Photos Of 2015
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2015

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    (Photo Credit: B51 Photography/Mark Brown)

    We shared our top ten concerts earlier this week, but one of the best parts of covering concerts is the photography end. Words are great, but a great photo can do just as much as a well-crafted paragraph to place you in the shoes of folks lucky enough to attend great live music. And we wantd to share with you our 10 favorite photos from our fantastic resident photographer, Mark Brown. From U2 to Rush to Phantogram and more, he are his picks for the ten best photos he took this year with a short little blurb about why each photo is so meaningful to him (and us).

    And if you want to check out more of Mark's photos from this year that didn't make the cut for his top 10, head to his website here for Mark's year-end round-up.

    10. Death From Above 1979

    These two just hammer it live and I absolutely just love that logo. The audience was late getting to the show because of a major accident and it felt like they were playing live for just me alone.

    death from above 1979 new york 2015

    9. Bleachers (Shadow of the City)

    was just lucky to get this one. I call this Jack's " Air Jordan" photo.

    bleachers shadow of the city 2015

    8. Deadmau5 (Governor's Ball NYC)

    While it's almost impossible to pick just one photo from Gov's ball. I like this one well because I shot it from the Audience and got this really great side angle. I love how Gov Ball's Logo just pops on this one.

    deadmau5 governor's ball new york 2015

    7. Phantogram

    (I have a crush on her. Don't tell my wife...) When she sings, she moves 24/7. Her hair goes nuts. That's why I like this one

    phantogram madison square garden new york 2015

    6. Carly Rae Jepsen

    I just like how this all came together, The Lighting, the angle. Maybe she will call me??

    carly rae jepsen irving plaza new york 2015

    5. Dave Matthews Band

    The photographers were jammed up tight against the stage and I really wanted a total band shot. They were spread really wide and was hard to get them all in the shot. I got lucky and I love the lighting and colors that came out in this one.

    dave matthews band pnc arts center 2015

    4. Charlie Puth

    Sometimes it's the moment not the photo. This was Charlie's first ever North American concert. This is Charlie walking on stage for literally the first time ever. I thought it was special moment.

    charlie puth 2015

    3. Justin Bieber

    If I get into a lengthy description about why I like this photo and how it all came about, it will be long winded and boring. You will just end up saying to me.. " What do you mean?"

    justin bieber today show new york 2015

    2. Rush

    The fact that my favorite singer of all time almost kicked me in the face. Love it.

    rush prudential center 2015

    1. U2

    It is just a shot I love. There are millions of Bono photos out there. This is mine. The shadows, the lighting, it just all works for me. Besides it's freaking Bono...

    U2 Madison Square Garden New York 2015

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