t.g.i mixtape: top 10 edition
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2009

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    I can't believe we made it! Our top ten songs of the year, oh boy. We had a lot of really awesome concerts and albums and stuff, and now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a super-concentrated dose of super awesome songs! It is a mixtape so huge, it can only be played on a GIANT TAPE MACHINE! (or on your internet-music portable output device).

    This will be it in the features department for two weeks while we take a much needed respite from extensive production. But don't worry, the mixtape and all your other favorite Baeble features will return next year! We've got interviews with Neon Indian, Toro Y Moi, and Timber Timbre in the works! We've also got an exclusive interview with the director of our top video of the year, "Charlie Darwin!" So we'll catch you on the flip kick, or whatever the kids are saying about it. Bye now! -joe puglisi

    Our Most Favoritist Top 20 Songs Of The Year mixtapestravaganza! (PART II)

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    10. "Strictly Game" - The Harlem Shakes
    After the brilliant Technicolor Health the band called it quits, but not before giving us the great sound that Vampire Weekend never successfully imitated.

    9. "Crystalised" - The XX
    These euro-youngsters wrote an album of scaled back, minimalist sophistication that was on super-repeat for a while. Oh, and sex talk. Lots of sex talk.

    8. "Ambling Alps" Yeasayer
    Somehow Yeasayer let one song from 2010's forthcoming Odd Blood out in the middle of November, and aside from destroying everything around it with awesomeness, it made it all the way to our top ten of the year at the last second.

    7. "Two Weeks" Grizzly Bear
    A sweet, dizzying number from the revered Brooklyn band, probably the best of Veckatimest.

    6. "Home" - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
    The feel-good song of the year, hands down.

    5. "Hooting and Howling" - Wild Beasts
    Falsetto yelps, bongos, and great layering made Two Dancers an instant hit, and they are all present in spades on this song.

    4. "Sleepyhead" - Passion Pit
    Passion Pit was wise to include this EPIC classic from their EP on Manners, because it is their best song to date.

    3. "Stillness Is The Move" - The Dirty Projectors
    The Dirty Projectors had a breakout year when everyone lost their s*** over Bitte Orca, and this was the song that opened the blog-gates.

    2. "Liztomania" Phoenix
    Our best album gave us our second favorite song, a half-eighties throwback dance-fest about... well who knows what Thomas Mars is actually saying.

    1. "My Girls" Animal Collective
    There is nothing left to say, Animal Collective won big this year, and they deserve to sit atop our countdown. The end.

    That's all for now, kids! Go play with your toys and we'll talk about the AMAZING THINGS to anticipate in 2010 at some point. But not this time. Now we're going to the bar. Have a great weekend, Baeblers! -joe puglisi

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