Wiz Khalifa Successfully Remixes Mac DeMarco
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    I'm sure you've clicked through with appropriate hesitance. Either you're a Mac DeMarco fan and if Wiz Khalifa goes "Black And Yellow" on Mac DeMarco's beautiful ode to the introspective nature of loneliness you will black out from blind rage, or you're a Wiz Khalifa fan, and that DeMarco dude is one scummy lookin' odd ball, this is dangerously close to the unfortunately upbeat EDM catastrophe between Kanye West and Bon Iver, "Lost In The World," blegh, chills. CHILL. "Smoke Chambers," Khalifa's remix of DeMarco's "Chamber of Reflection," is solid.

    The rapper avoided Kanye's glaring misstep. Rather than taking DeMarco's song in an entirely new direction, Khalifa took it further down the path it was born walking. Khalifa completely preserves DeMarco's vibe. He essentially just raps over it, to slow-burn success. Musing on the theme of loneliness, and juxtaposing it with his longing for a little less flashing lights: "Put that camera phone away and keep it real with me/Time to time again I'm searching for reality

    Give it a puff below:

    Those unfamiliar with the original can compare it to Mac DeMarco's original track, "Chamber of Reflection," streaming via Spotify:

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