Thirteen New Madonna Tracks Leak Online
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2014

    • Posted by: Rebecca Chodorkoff

    For those of us on the outside, let's be honest, song leaks aren't that big of a deal. We might recognize that their existence is fractionally malignant but we listen nonetheless, believing that the damage is already done and our own participation is innocuous. However, for those involved and invested in the production and dissemination of music today, leaks have major consequences (even if we, the unconscious listeners, may not be able to put our finger on the scope and severity of them.)

    In Madonna's case, the recent unprecedented leak of at least thirteen unfinished demos from her upcoming album, MDNA, has dealt a major blow to the veteran star. Madonna's concerns about the premature release of her music are not motivated by fiscal or marketing setbacks, but instead by creative integrity. After finding out about the leak, Madonna posted a portrain of herself on Instargram, pleading fans to practice a little self-restraint and respect. The plea was followed by another, more excited and emotional post, claiming that the leak is "artistic rape." While any artist can understand Madge's feelings on the subject, "rape" is a loaded word. The second post was quickly taken down.

    It's going to be hard not to listen to such enticingly titled tracks "Unapologetic Bitch" and "Bitch I'm Madonna", but let's all try to do Madge a favor and hold off. Bitch, she's Madonna! Enjoy this Madge classic instead:

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