Single Serving Of Holiday Cheer: Jillette Johnson 'I'll Be Home For Christmas'
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    What is Christmas without a long drawn romantic rendition of a Christmas classic? Just a bunch of dangerously placed socks, and a bowl of eggs with rum it. Thankfully Brooklyn based songstress Jillette Johnson, and Baeble favorite, has vindicated us from such a fate with her lovely version of the Bing Crosby standard, "I'll Be Home Christmas."

    The song was released as an instant classic in the 1940s. It's poignant romance was inspired from the point of view of a soldier overseas; the kind of thing that can't be done well without a pool of pathos behind it. Ms. Johnson's golden hued vocals soak the cover until they hit moments of breathlessness, purposeful pauses which conjure the timing and the timelessness of the original. Lean into your holiday longings, and let Jillette Johnson take you home for christmas, below:

    Watch Jillette still the crowd with her heartfelt piano ballads at our Bands & Brews session, below:

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