Baeble's 15 Best Concerts of 2013
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2013

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    From folk and punk to EDM and chillwave, Baeble filmed a range of musical acts in 2013, giving fans and newbies a plethora of visual content to waste their days in. While this year brought a number of new acts, we've made it easy on you by distinguishing what we believe to be 2013's best performances...So sit back and enjoy this year's top 15 concert videos!

    15. Hundred Waters at Hype Hotel

    Florida-based Hundred Waters plays an enchanting and conglomerate performance at Hype Hotel from their self-titled debut LP, which was the first indie album to be released by Skrillex's OWSLA label. Nicole Miglis leads the sound with breezy vocals that seem to evaporate in the air as whimsical notes carry it away. Check out the five-piece group below.

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    14. Caveman at Hype Hotel

    Brooklyn-based group Caveman released their self-titled sophomore album in April 2013, giving fans more of their hypnotic sounds. Below we see them play songs from both debut album Coco Beware and Caveman at Austin's Hype Hotel.

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    13. Sara Bareilles at The McKittrick Hotel

    In this intimate concert performance, New York's Sara Bareilles lets viewers get up-close and personal at The McKittrick Hotel as she belts and swoons songs from her fourth album, and Grammy-nominated The Blessed Unrest, as well as a couple other popular singles from past albums. Bareilles's voice, piano, and a minimalist amount of strings are the only instruments needed in this unique live performance.

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    12. CHVRCHES at Hype Hotel

    Lauren Mayberry, Ian Cook and Martin Doherty make up Glasgow's hottest new trio of synth-pop ecstasy. This concert video contains seven dance anthems off CHVRCHES's debut album The Bones of What You Believe and makes for a great party soundtrack, so plug in and turn it up!

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    11. The Thermals at The Launch Pad

    Portland's punk trio The Thermals get rowdy at The Launch Pad in Austin, TX. Their sixth album Desperate Ground was released in April 2013, adding to their collection of political opinions as it deals with war and death. This concerts makes for one of Baeble's most raucous shows as both guitarist Hutch Harris and drummer Westin Glass dove into the crowd and a lucky fan was brought on stage to finish the last lines of their closing number.

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    10. Charli XCX at Hype Hotel

    One of 2013's best new artists is English 21-year-old Charli XCX, a goth pop singer/songwriter with her own, no-holds-barred style. She co-wrote Icona Pop's famous "I Love It" and made headlines with her debut studio album True Romance in April this year. In this concert video Charli XCX performs popular singles like "You (Ha Ha Ha)" and "Nuclear Seasons" at the Hype Hotel.

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    9. MS MR at Hype Hotel

    Duo Lizzy Plapinger (vocals) and Max Hershenow (producer) are MS MR, an experimental-pop duo based out of New York. In this performance MS MR play songs off their debut album Secondhand Rapture, which came out in May 2013 through Columbia Records.

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    8. Civil Twilight at The Launch Pad

    "Success for us, I think, is more about getting to do what we love, being creative and making music we are proud of," says guitarist Andrew McKeller of South Africa's alt-rock quartet Civil Twilight. The foursome make energized music full of passion and their sophomore record, Holy Weather, which was released in 2012 via Wind-up Records, helped the group gain their U.S. recognition. Check out their performance at The Launch Pad below.

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    7. Phosphorescent at Hype Hotel

    Southern-born, Brooklyn-based Matthew Houck is the sole creative behind Phosphorescent. His voice is strikingly distinctive and pulls listeners in for a unique musical encounter. In this live show, Houck performs songs off his sixth album Muchacho, written while spending time in a small beach community in Mexico, and all of which carry a tone that reflects this setting.

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    6. Disclosure at Hype Hotel

    English brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence make up the electronic verve and rich EDM vibrations of Disclosure. With just one record Settle under their belt and the many years ahead of them (Guy is 22 and Howard is 19), these brothers will be the face of upcoming dance music and will redefine what dubstep is all about. Watch Disclosure perform a 48-minute set at the Hype Hotel below.

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    5. Little Green Cars at Hype Hotel

    Dublin's five-pice band Little Green Cars is another one of 2013's best new groups. Their debut album Absolute Zero was produced by Markus Dravs, who's worked with greats like Arcade Fire, Coldplay and Bjork. In this 32-minute performance, Little Green Cars play an exhaustive show with both Stevie Appleby and Faye O'Leary taking the helm, and is definitely worth your time.

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    4. Rudimental at Hype Hotel

    Bass, horns, drums and harmony fill the room at the Hype Hotel as England's RnB/hip-hop group Rudimental plays a pumped-up show. After reaching number one in England, their 2013 full-length debut Home came to the U.S. via Warner Music in August. Watch the rhythmic dance jams and songs off Home below.

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    3. !!! at Hype Hotel

    !!! (pronounced "chk chk chk") have been around for 15 years, giving the world plenty of dance worthy tunes. In this performance, the six-piece group offered funky tracks from their fifth album Thr!!!er as well as songs from past albums, and as always frontman Nic Offer shows off some of his best dance moves and his skinny white boy legs.

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    2. Jim James at Hype Hotel

    In this single performance of "All Is Forgiven," the multi-talented frontman of My Morning Jacket, Jim James—or has we know him 'Rock n Roll Jesus'— enthralls the audience with his signature voice and rock star persona. He performed every sound, musical and vocal, on his self-produced debut album Regions Of Light And Sound Of God, which was released in February 2013 through ATO Records.

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    1. Toro Y Moi at Hype Hotel

    Toro Y Moi

    Toro Y Moi's Chaz Bundick has a wide array of sounds, ranging from ultimate chillwave to EDM funk. In this concert video we see Bundick perform a gripping rendition of "Say That" off his 2013 album Anything In Return. The combination of sound, lights and a hypnotized crowd make up this electrifying video that tops our list as number one.

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