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    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2009

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    When I hear the name "Pearl Jam" the image evoked is that of a lonely-but-determined protester standing on the outskirts of some immovable, unnamed, oppressive musical entity. Yet a decade on from the era that the Seattle-based band helped to pioneer, Pearl Jam is not only one of the few bands still standing, but they also belong to that tragically elitist society of bands circa 1990 who haven't lost band members to overdoses or cowered into hiatus when that unnamed entity cast its shadow over the grunge scene at the start of the millennium. With that shadow well past and rock music rising high above the ashes it reduced itself to, it comes as no surprise that Pearl Jam is right out in front with their ironically named album Backspacer.

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    MP3: Pearl Jam - "Got Some" (Backspacer)
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