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    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2008

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    photos by Maureen Pitz. See more photos HERE.

    You'll have to forgive the delay in posting our follow-up to this one. Saturday evening's performances by My Brightest Diamond at (le) Poisson Rouge took a bit of time to sink in. After all, it's not everyday we're treated to a trained operatic singer weaving her trade into sophisticated batches of bedazzling chamber rock. This was a virtuosic performance; one that, while pulling a few favorites from Bring Me the Workhorse, centered its' gaze on Shara Worden's latest release, A Thousand Shark's Teeth. Brought to life by a string quartet, a puppet show, a magic moment, and a few other visual surprises along the way, MBD's performance was as imaginative as it was musically precise. Consider us overwhelmed.

    Providing the audience warm up, NYC's own Clare and the Reasons kicked off the show in their own magnificent form. Flanked by the very same string quartet MBD would later make use of (though I believe they actually belong to Clare and the Reasons), the band provided a necessary contrast to the headliner's line of work. Light, goofy, and incredibly amusing, the band worked their way through their set like the jazzy, lounge lizard pop artists they truly are. Also worth noting is the flashy brigade of not-to-be-taken-too-seriously, red outfits. Ay Chiwawa! All this with the help of no monitors... - David Pitz

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