now playing: delta spirit @ the parish - austin, tx
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2008

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    San Diego's Delta Spirit bury their roots deep into the kind of classic topsoil that once sprouted the redwoods of rock. The Beatles, Dylan, and Springsteen: these are some of the forces that fertilize the batch of songs that inhabit Ode to Sunshine; the young band's debut album. Just don't go calling them a throw back. Like contemporaries Cold War Kids, The Veils, and The Walkmen, Delta Spirit pen blasts of guitar, keys, bass, and drums that are most certainly of the moment. After witnessing this performance down in Austin, we're convinced Delta Spirit will enjoy more than a single moment though. Expect great things from these young, up and comers. - david pitz

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    VIDEO: Delta Spirit:: Live at the Parish - Austin, TX

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