Tony Bennet Says He Wants to Work With Beyonce, Officially Still Knows What's Up
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2016

    • Posted by: Ben Feit

    Tony Bennett is closing in on 70 years in the music industry, and his extensive jazz and pop standard catalogue has certainly solidified an important legacy. That's part of why NBC will be airing a two-hour special on December 20th as a tribute to Bennett from his music industry counterparts. While it might seem like the end of an era with the extensive tributes, Bennett is showing no signs of slowing down. In conversation with NBC newsman Lester Holt, he chatted about the possibility of a followup to Cheek to Cheek, his duet album with Lady Gaga. And he also dropped the second tidbit about wanting to work with Beyonce, which he previously mentioned in August just around his 90th birthday. While the Gaga album was a pretty big hit, you have to imagine a Beyonce collab would put Bennett on another level with some fans he hasn't quite reached yet.

    What would the King Tony x Queen Bey collab look like? We don't know, but we'd like to think it'd be more than a standard duet cover or a Christmas song (even though those would/will still be fire). Beyonce classics like "Crazy in Love" and "Drunk in Love" could definitely be tweaked to fit within Bennett's repertoire. If you didn't know what those songs were missing this whole time, it was clearly some Tony Bennett doo-wop in place of Jay-Z's rhymes. And don't even try to deny that flipping "Daddy Lessons" into "Grandpa Lessons" might be one of the only ways to make Lemonade better. Even better yet, let's just take the concept of "Formation" and make it just Bey and Tony - no ladies, just "OK, Tony, now let's get in formation." If you think for any reason Tony wouldn't be able to keep up with Beyonce, remember that he's one of the original kings of cool, and he was slaying long before the Queen was even born.

    In all seriousness, Tony and Beyonce on the same recording would undoubtedly be an incredible pairing of voices. At 90, Bennett's still got the voice and is making sure everyone knows he's still got the drive to do more. Let's hope for everyone's sake Beyonce doesn't pass the opportunity of a lifetime up. After all, Tony Bennett is a legend. You could even say he's "Irreplaceable" (Sorry, I had to).

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