Out And About: Christina Perri At Paramount Theater
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2014

    • Posted by: Mark Brown

    I like Christina Perri, I think she is edgy. She's certainly cute, and for someone sporting a bunch of ink, she pulls it off well. Her second to last stop on her national tour, was at Long Island's famous Paramount. Now I certainly had expectations, can she pull it off live? Anytime I watched her live on TV she certainly had the attraction, but can she really pull it off? Am I putting to much effort into a singer who hasn't been around that long, but has a couple of chick worthy ballads that get all the girls crying/singing? Why do I even care that much? Is she going to be worth covering after driving two and half hours in the snow? All of these questions I wanted answered.

    Well here is my answer, "F**king get over yourself Christina!!!" I sincerely went into this with an open mind, and honestly even after the show I still like her, but she pissed me off and aggravated a bunch of others as well. I get it, you're an up-and-coming rock star, you can sing, and you're pretty. I also completely understand that I am just a reviewer/photographer, and I probably bring nothing to the table in your eyes. So is that why you demanded that all the photographers be pushed over to the sides of the stage? Gee that makes sense. You sit a piano - let's look at your back the whole time. We were told you didn't care about the people taking pictures and you wanted to be closer to the fans so you can connect with them.

    Listen, that's your call - we have to understand the artist wishes, you want it that way, then fine. Just dont piss on my leg and tell me it's raining either. Let the people who actually want to provide you with press and coverage know ahead of time. What good is it to you to have someone stand off to the side and get nothing but bad angles? I just think before you get all "big time" you might want to play the game a little better. So do yourself a favor and stop the "I am big time" crap and get real. I might even point out to you that the place was half full, or half empty depending on your point of view.

    As for your show, well you pulled it off for the most part. Basically alternating songs between your two albums Head or Heart and Lovestrong.

    Opening with "Trust" and into "Shot Me in the Heart" certainly got all the girls dancing and singing. It was a matter of time before one of Christina's most popular songs "The Distance" really engulfed the crowd. Along with other staples of her set - "A Thousand Years," "Human," and "Jar of Hearts."

    I'm not sure about your dancing around like you're in the Nutcracker, but I will say you can sing, play the piano and guitar quite well. I especially loved your, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." You sitting on top of a piano and your little Santa hat..Very sexy. Wish I could've taken a picture!!

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