MEGA-LIST: The End of the Year-End
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2011

    • Posted by: Ed McGarrigle

    For the past couple of weeks, the internetz has been a-buzz with year-end lists. Albums of the year, songs of the year, videos of the year, and even memes of the year have all been evaluated and given a numerical standing on how good they are in comparison to everything else. But with so many people telling you what's the best, who do you listen to? The cold-heartedness of Pitchfork (seriously, Yuck didn't make your top 50?)? The too-easy Rolling Stone (seriously, Super Heavy DID make your top 50?)? Or, the complete randomness of NME (just, what?)? If only there were a way to combine all of these lists into one super-list. Well today, dear readers, is your lucky day.

    Using a very scientific method developed by Baeble's own research and development department, we were able to take six popular year end lists (Spin, Rolling Stone, NME, Stereogum, Pitchfork, and Consequence Of Sound), and then break each entry of each list down to give it a point value. Just when each list was broken in to a million and pieces and begging for mercy, we put it all back together to create MEGA-LIST, the destroyer of all other lists, the list to end all lists. Upon reviewing our MEGA-LIST, here's a few things that we learned:

    People really like PJ Harvey.

    EMA is also a person who makes music.

    Despite putting out one of (arguably) their worst albums in years, Radiohead is still better than most other bands.

    Paul Simon released an album this year.

    So, without further ado, here is 2011's MEGA-LIST, in order with the total amount of points each album received. If you don't like it, don't blame us. Blame the man who invented math and/or the "year-end list."

    1. PJ Harvey, Let England Shake 240
    2. Bon Iver, Bon Iver 219
    3. Girls, Father, Son, Holy Ghost 197
    4. St. Vincent, Strange Mercy 195
    5. TuneYards, w h o k i l l 193
    6. Drake, Take Care 191
    7. Kurt Vile, Smoke Ring For My Halo 180
    8. Wild Flag, Wild Flag 175
    9. EMA, Past Life Martyred Saints 165
    10. M83, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming 163
    11. Fleet Foxes, Helplessness Blues 159
    12. The Weeknd, House Of Balloons 153
    13. Fucked Up, David Comes To Life 147
    14. Kanye and Jay-Z, Watch The Throne 138
    15. Radiohead, The King Of Limbs 134
    16. Beyonce, 4 133
    17. Destroyer, Kaputt 131
    18. Shabazz Palaces, Black Up 116
    19. Yuck, Yuck 101
    20. James Blake, James Blake 91
    21. Foo Fighters, Wasting Light 90
    22. Iceage, New Brigade 89
    23. SBTRKT, SBTRKT 89
    24. Danny Brown, XXX 89
    25. Atlas Sound, Parallax 82
    26. Oneohtrix Point Never, Replica 82
    27. Real Estate, Days 81
    28. Frank Ocean, Nostalgia, Ultra 80
    29. The Horrors, Skying 80
    30. Kate Bush, 50 Words For Snow 75
    31. Adele, 21 73
    32. Gang Gang Dance, Eye Contact 71
    33. Das Racist, Relaxxx 68
    34. Lady Gaga, Born This Way 67
    35. Katy B, On A Mission 60
    36. Panda Bear, Tomboy 59
    37. Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks, Mirrors 55
    38. The Black Keys, El Camino 54
    39. TV On The Radio, Nine Types Of Light 50
    40. Metronomy, The English Riviera 49
    41. Zola Jesus, Conatus 49
    42. Lykke Li, Wounded Rhymes 49
    43. Paul Simon, So Beautiful or So What 48
    44. Wilco, The Whole Love 47
    45. Wild Beasts, Smother 47
    46. Colin Stetson, New History Warfare Vol. 2 46
    47. Arctic Monkeys, Suck It And See 45
    48. The Rapture, In The Grace Of Your Love 44
    49. The Decemberists, The King Is Dead 44
    50. Florence And The Machines, Ceremonials 44

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