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    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2010

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    Tim Kasher doesn't want to grow up. While many think of adulthood as job security, white fences and nuclear families, there is an equal and opposite force that, once free of school and guardianship, continually craves a more dynamic mode of living through freedom of choice and mobility. The two inherently conflict. The Game Of Monogamy, on the surface, refers to relationships, and maybe marriage, but a monogamous life in stereotypical middle America (where Kasher grew up) has numerous implications that are explored here; you must provide, you are expected to raise children, and you certainly can't live as you would a single, untethered man. Slavery to a societal system is sometimes part of getting older, but what if our desires don't quite line up with the structure? That is the question Kasher has posed again and again, and with Monogamy we find him no closer to the answer that he was ten years ago. "I don't want a kid and I can't keep being one".

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