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    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2008

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    ...england's whip a-whipping

    Today is a momentous oneat least in terms of Baeble's Twelve Days of Christmas Countdown. You see, today we scream on into the second half of this seasonal, best of '08 collection of concerts...kicking it off with the band that might have provided the biggest surprise of the year!

    Please don't let keyboardist/guitarist/general tweaker Danny Saville fool you...When his crew of electro rocking comrades, The Whip, took the stage, it was blazing. How he pulled that "clouted, man of mystery" look in 90 degree heat, we'll never know. The rest of us with the good fortune of witnessing the pulsating piece of sonic delight he and band mates Bruce Carter, Nathan Sudders, and Lil Fee were busy "whipping" up were doing so with bulky beads of sweat stinging the eyes. And all the moovin' and groovin' didn't exactly do us any favors either. Of course, that is kind of what a Sunday afternoon at the McCarren Park Pool is all about. It's hot, but the bands are hotter. - david pitz

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    VIDEO: The Whip @ McCarren Park Pool - Brooklyn, NY

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