Welcome Our New Alien Overlords in Run The Jewels' Video for 'Call Ticketron'
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2017

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    Remember back in 2016 when we thought Bernie Sanders had a chance to be president and Killer Mike would have had a special place in his cabinet? Remember when we thought we could rewrite history?

    Killer Mike remembers, and he's reimagining history again in Run The Jewels' latest video, only this time the future is a little more bleak (though not nearly as bleak as it looks right now).

    For their video of 2016's "Call Ticketron", RTJ create a New York City that feels somewhere in between Cloverfield and the cult-classic C.H.U.D. Newscasters warn of "strange weather patterns"—which feels very appropriate as I'm currently watching the snow come down hard here in Brooklyn—while the hip-hop outfit celebrates a sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden. After hyping themselves up for the encore—and catch the prescient line "they said that they end of the world would come before we did this"—the group retakes the stage only to find...well, I'll let you watch the video and see for yourself.

    But safe to say, there's aliens, monstrous aliens involved, along with frenetic strobe lights, post-apocalyptic landscapes and of course, Mr. Killums having a little snow party of his own. The scenes unfolding around RTJ sync nicely with the track, and as we watch the video end with Killer Mike hitting a blunt despite the chaos around him, we can't help but feel the same kind of defiance toward the seemingly apocalyptic times we live in now.

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