Watch Tor Miller Enter a Trippy Love Tunnel in New Video for 'Always'
    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Tor Miller has just released the video for "Always," one of the most dramatic cuts on his debut record, American English. And along with a dramatic song comes a dramatic video, of course.

    The clip starts out with a cinematic close up of Miller's face as he walks along the city skyline at night. Then, he enters what looks to be a subway station but then quickly transforms into this trippy love tunnel (and no, it's not a dirty love tunnel). Several dancers in Wes Anderson-inspired costumes come out of nowhere, trying to grab a hold of Miller. He, on the other hand, looks vulnerable as he pleads and cries, "Call me a cold sweat believer, I will be loving you always, always, always." He continues walking through the tunnel as dancers pass, but he can't be bothered with them. Through all of the noise, he's still focused on something else. Miller looks like he could be swallowed up by this seemingly endless tunnel, but after a few more flashes of pink and blue lights, he finally makes it out towards the end of the song. It ends back in reality, but this time it looks like early morning, rather than night. Metaphorically, that tunnel might stay with him forever.

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