Now Playing:The Veils' Finn Andrews Gives A Gripping Performance
    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    This wasn't our first encounter with Finn Andrews of the dramatic, cathartic rock band The Veils. Way back in 2007, we filmed one of the band's many shows at The Bowery Ballroom over the years. Though our production is a bit primitive, Andrews' semi-possessed presence at the helm of the band is still a thing to behold. With the band swinging through NYC in support of their recently released fifth album Total Depravity (which features slightly unexpected production work from Run the Jewels' El-P), we thought it was a time for a catch-up, inviting Finn by our place for a short but captivating solo session.

    Finn is an interesting fellow to talk to. His father is Barry Andrews; a founding member of the 80s cult band, XTC. He was born in London, spent his teenage years in New Zealand, moved back to London to start the band, and even spent a stint living with the band in Oklahoma of all places; a central location that made getting to either coast a little more manageable. In addition to taking us through his world travels, he talked of his affinity for crocodiles, playing "Swimming with the Crocodiles", from Total Depravity, along the way. He also dusted off an ancient number titled "The Tide That Left And Never Came Back"; a song off The Veils' very first album about missing home. Both are songs capable of painting vivid images in the mind of the listener, which it turns out is all Finn is ever really going for with his music. When asked what he hopes his fans find in his music, Finn answered. "I'd hope we are contributing something to the world that is exciting to see and listen to and ignites the imagination a little bit". Well, in our newest session at least, mission accomplished.

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