Natalie Prass Releases A Fun Christmas Song For A Good Cause
    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    Natalie Prass is known best for her lush orchestral pop, but for her newest Christmas single she goes surprisingly lo-fi. The song, entitled "Everybody's Having Fun (It's Christmas Time)," features Prass' sing-song voice over a minimalist electronic backing track. The beat is a simple synth based melody, punctuated by jingle-bell evoking sounds and simple vocal effects, but it has an incredibly dance-y beat. In the lyrics, Prass talks about the joy of the holiday season and the connections with friends and family that define this time of year. In the accompanying visuals, Prass continues this joyous tone, with a video featuring her in sunglasses, a christmas sweater, and red gloves, goofily dancing around an empty parking lot.

    This song is not vapidly joyous, and in her description of the song, released with the video, Prass makes it clear that this good natured song is her way to address the depressing climate of today. With this song she is also attempting to more concretely combat the darkness around us, by having the proceeds of this song go to SPARC, a performing arts school in Richmond that reaches out to underprivileged communities. In this way, the message of Prass' song is two-fold: that one should combat this negative political climate with personal positivity, as well as by supporting positive institutions. In this holiday season, where many are struggling for answers on how to address new social and political realities, this song makes the case that you can do so by both improving your own outlook, and by helping one another.

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