Cool Buzz: Dev Exclusive
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Dev (birth name, Devin Star Tailes) landed on our radar not too long ago and were stoked she did. The 25-year-old electro-indie-pop artist has been making musical waves among the indie underground since 2009, working closely with LA based producing team The Cataracs. Using a verse of her single, "Booty Bounce" for Far East Movements Billboard #1 hit, "Like A G6," Dev has continued to write and produce new music including her latest ep, Bittersweet July: Pt 2.

    We had the chance to throw our Cool Buzz Q&A at Dev, who, while often compared to music's fellow gritty girl, Kesha, isn't worried about being overshadowed. "I'm confident enough in what I do that people will see me for who I am," she stated in an interview. "I get why people compare us but once people see me live they won't connect us as much."

    Check out what Dev had to say to our Qs below.

    What is the most surprising or unexpected thing to happen to you as a recording artist?
    Falling in love. Traveling the world. Having plaques that decorate my walls instead of store bought photos haha!

    What do you always have with you to keep you close to home?
    I travel with a rosary my grandmother gave me and hella phone chargers to make sure I always have enough juice to FaceTime!

    Have you ever written a song about something silly like a hamburger and was interpreted as something insanely deep and meaningful?
    Well "In The Dark" was written about something pretty ridiculous and was taken into context of being a sexy love song, when in fact I was talking about "loving" myself...But I might steal the hamburger idea!

    Do you like hamburgers? Would you ever write a song about them? If not, what junk food do you think you could draw inspiration from?
    Oh yes I love them. I primarily love tacos, then hamburgers and French fries. I lovvee French fries.

    Does your daughter like to dance to your music? How does she influence your musical choices and direction?
    She does dance to my music, it's so awesome. She'll tell me what songs she likes more than the others, she's a little musical fairy. She definitely influences my direction in my music. I want her to be proud of me, but she's kind of an asshole like I am so she's down with all of my sassy songs haha.

    What is your favorite statement making stage outfit or accessory?
    I like necklaces and cool shoes. When my hair is really short I like cool earrings.

    Choose one to collaborate with and tell us why: Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus or Iggy Azalea?
    They're all rad. Probably Nicki though. She writes better than a lot of people, men & women. As someone who really likes to learn from other writers to make my own writing stronger I'd lovvvveee to have a session with her.

    What song or album can immediately transport you back to another time?
    Brand New Deja Entendu. I immediately go back to a time where I was such a huge fan of music; all music, shows, posters,albums. It makes me feel good and anything by The Doors. My dad played them all the time while I was growing up.

    Best life advice youve ever received that resonated with choices youve made in your career?
    As simple as it sounds, to never second guess myself. To go with MY gut and take responsibility. If I mess up then it's on me and no one else. Makes for great lessons learned. I'm a bit of a trial and error person. I want to experience things first hand. I've never been the best listener but I'm damn good doer.

    What music artist would make you fan-girl out and get nervous if put in the same room?
    Karen O. Hands down.

    What song do you wish you had penned?
    Teenage Dream or Wide Awake by Katy Perry. She's the best.

    What is the best thing about your fans?
    They're quirky like me. They're bad ass and fearless and all so unique. Like, there's a difference between trying to be cool and following trendy shit & actually just honestly being weird and unique and they're all unique. I fuck with my fans so much. A lot of us are friends now and talk almost daily. It's awesome.

    Every artist has a legion of fans who call themselves something (ie; Miley Smilers, Ariana Grande Arianators etc.), what are your fans calling themselves?
    Baby Goons. Because they go hard out there in the streets for me!

    Whats your resolution for 2015?
    To write more. Even thought I just released two EPs, I'm in a good groove so I don't want to lose that. Working on a new live set up and going on some sort of vacation with my fiance. We've never vacationed without work being involved lol.

    Can you drive a stick shift?
    Haha no, I don't even drive. I have a cool car though.

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