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    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2010

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    2010 has come and gone, and we feel like its been a hell of a year for new music (and a hell of a year for us). We've ventured from our rooftop to the far corners of New York City in search of new concert expriences. We've sifted through CDs and iTunes playlists and listened to days worth of music. We've seen more music videos than MTV has played in the last five years. Now the votes have been tallied, and the people have spoken. Pop some champagne! We give you the official winners for the 2010 Best of Baeble poll.


    Best Song - Florence and The Machine "Dog Days Are Over"

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    There is no denying the popularity of Florence's big hit, but there is equally no denying the quality of its hooks and high notes. Rhythmic eccentricity mixed with the power of Florence's cries makes the entire thing sizzle in the way a great pop hit should; sticky, propulsive, and full of head nodding moments. It's no wonder that baby was so into it.

    Runner Up: Arcade Fire "Suburban Warfare"

    Best Music Video - "We Used To Wait" Arcade Fire

    Again, the universal passion of Arcade Fire's thematic material was used to create something that was less of a video and more of an experience. Using images from our childhood, via a clever incorporation of Google Maps, we all watched a bit of personalized nostalgia trampled by the impending change of time, and it was as compelling as it gets. This video really got me when I saw an old car I used to drive and later sold, still parked outside my parent's house, then obscured by the changing terrain. When was the last time a music video abandoned humor for real, tangible emotion and succeeded so well?

    Runners up: "Tighten Up" - Black Keys and "Giving Up The Gun" - Vampire Weekend

    Best Guest Apartment - POS

    The skate park was one of our most dynamic locations ever used for the traveling Guest Apartment of 2010, and it was a natural home for POS. The electricity of the performance couldn't be contained indoors, and it certainly felt as if the entire band was moving the entire time, so why not the scenery at well? All the movement made for a compelling performance; Stefon spitting his poetry while wandering in and out of focus, salted with the sight of skaters rolling back and forth, acting as if nobody was there. Not to mention we (the crew) had a lot of fun with this shoot as well, so it feels right to crown it as the year's best.

    Runner up: Rooney

    Best Album - Arcade Fire (The Suburbs)

    A tough category, but fitting for our conceptualization of what really makes an album great. Any of the top five could have taken it by the vote, but what sets Arcade Fire apart in my mind is their dedication to thematic elegance coupled with the universal nature of those themes. Kanye has fame (most of us don't), Vampire Weekend has perceived Ivy League status (we're not all Contras), The Roots still rap for illadelph and the hardships they faced there, and too many of our parents like Mumford more than we do. But everyone was a kid once, and the thoughts of innocence versus adulthood, losing friends, and gaining responsibility are all so ubiquitous they can attach themselves to nearly any human on the planet and elicit empathy. That's powerful stuff.

    Rest of the top five:
    2. The Roots (How I Got Over)
    3. Vampire Weekend (Contra)
    4. Mumford and Sons (Sigh No More)
    5. Kanye West (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)

    Best Concert - Mumford and Sons at Music Hall Of Williamsburg

    We can honestly say we were ahead of the curve here; Mumford had a nice bit of momentum after CMJ 2009 but nothing like what we saw them do to popular music in the second half of this year. The band's album Sigh No More propelled them further and further, taking the Brits from the Mercury Lounge to a monstrous set a Lollapalooza. And right at the launch pad, the band's May show at Music Hall of Williamsburg, in front of a packed house of fans and industry aficionados, we witnessed one of the most talked about sets of the year. It just so happens we brought our cameras, and thus captured the band at a career crossroads, giving the whole thing the epic tinge that most likely helped it lock down Concert Of The Year in so many minds. Congrats to Mumford and Glassnote Records for having a hell of a year, and much thanks for letting us be a part of it.

    Runner Up: Holly Miranda at Littlefield


    Alex S:
    Best Concert: Yeasayer
    Best Album: Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    Best Guest Apartment: P.O.S.
    Best Music Video: The Black Keys "Tighten Up"
    Best Song: Big Boi "Shutterbug"

    David P:
    Best Concert: Yeasayer @ MHOW
    Best Album: Jonsi Go
    Best Guest Apartment: School of Seven Bells
    Best Music Video: Portland Cello Project "Denmark"
    Best Song: Robyn "Dancing On My Own"

    Joe P:
    Best Concert: Mumford and Sons
    Best Album: Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    Best Guest Apartment: Klaxons
    Best Music Video: Arcade Fire "We Used To Wait"
    Best Song: Arcade Fire "Suburban Warfare"

    David M:
    Best Concert: Mumford and Sons
    Best Album: Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    Best Guest Apartment: Rooney
    Best Music Video: Yeasayer "Ambling Alp"
    Best Song: Florence and the Machine "Dog Days Are Over"

    Thanks to all our voters!

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