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    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2009

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    Are you sitting down? OK, good. There is another track from Odd Blood floating around the interwebs and its pretty dope, you guys. Don't freak out! It's going to be OK. Actually, its better than OK. Listen after the jump.

    The excitement for this album is literally eating us apart. "Love Me Girl" is a little less poppy than free single "Ambling Alp," but the synthetic gloss on their percussiveness seems like a mainstay of the new Yeasayer sound. My Yeasayer likes to party all the time! You know the excitement has reached a new level when anticipation for the myriad of remixes is just as high as the album itself.

    Anyway, listen up, children. "Love Me Girl":

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    -joe puglisi

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