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    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2009

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    This week we will spend each day counting down a category or two of BoB 09 as voted by you, leading up to the editors top ten songs of the year.

    Welcome back, cool kids! So the voting for this particular category was TIGHT, and basically went neck and neck all week. At one point there was a five way tie. But someone has to win, and sorry obsessive drug use, it was actually a pretty thought provoking, beautifully crafted stop animation video. Yup, you know what I'm talking about.

    Best Video: "Charlie Darwin" (The Low Anthem, Dir. Simon Taffe and Glenn Taunton of End of the Road Films

    The Low Anthem's remarkable sophomore album, Oh My God, Charlie Darwin (Nonesuch) was recorded on Block Island, off the coast of their native Rhode Island, and their beautiful new video for that record's title track appears at first to be a visual ode to that fact. But there's a larger story surrounding the solitary, puppet man at the center of this tale. Paired with Ben Knox Miller's proclamation of, "Oh my God, the water's all around us", the video offers one explanation for how this came to be. Here, our man digs down deep in the dirt, removing a human skull, and springing a leak that eventually floods everything in sight. "Oh my God, it's all around". -David Pitz


    We had two runner-up videos tie for second, and we think they deserve nods as well. Check them out.

    RUNNER UP: "The Reeling" (Passion Pit, Dir. Hydra - John Hobbs, Ariel Danziger, Sam Stephens)

    It goes without saying that in a very short time, Passion Pit on Myspace is going to be all over the place. As one of the buzziest bands of 2008 after only releasing an EP, the present year has the potential to be a big one for these Cambridge, Massachusetts electro-rockers. Even though their debut LP, Manners, will only hit stores on May 19, the first single from the album is already raising some eyebrows. It's called "The Reeling", and the song already has a pretty amazing video associated with it. The video has a papery feel to it, with many shots of a world made of paper being torn apart. Even the band's lead singer, Michael Angelakos' head appears to be made of paper. While this sounds like a strange concept, the video is actually pretty amazing. It almost seems like something Michael Gondry would produce. Oh and did I mention the song is great too? Check it out. -Greg Lozoff

    RUNNER UP: "Stillness Is The Move" (Dirty Projectors, Dir. Matthew Lessner)

    Dance routines, llamas, and wide open landscapes. Probably just another day for The Dirty Projectors' brilliant, weird musical vision. In this lauded video, Dave Longstreth leads the strangest of pack animals through what might be their natural environment... Is it the Projectors natural environment as well? Probably, as the girls in the band certainly look rather comfortable getting down in the woods, choreography and all.-Amelia Trask

    Congrats winners! Stay tuned for more.

    TOMORROW: We tell you which album took the top spot!
    THURSDAY: The concert and guest apartment of the year (respectively)!
    FRIDAY: Our top ten songs!
    SATURDAY: Whiskey!

    -joe puglisi

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