Watch Folk-Pop Singer Noah Kahan Hurt Himself in 'Hurt Somebody' Video
    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Has someone ever asked you for your opinion on something, like if that sweater they're wearing makes them look fat, but your opinion wasn't that positive and you knew that'd hurt 'em, so you lied? That's what singer-songwriter Noah Kahan's song "Hurt Somebody" is about. Sure, maybe the Joel Little-produced track is about something a tad bigger than unflattering clothing, but in the song's new accompanying video, the singer puts a very literal spin on it. It's a bright, colorful, and crisp visual that shows different situations where Kahan is actually hurt. He's fallen out of the shower, trying to walk on a floor of pins barefoot, dangling on a spiral staircase, and more. The whole thing is beautifully shot and, while we feel sorry for Kahan, it also has a lot of comical moments, like when he hits himself with a soccer ball (twice).

    It's a pretty gorgeous video for a pretty perfect folk-pop song. If you're into Mumford & Sons or Hozier, you're going to dig Noah Kahan.

    Watch our Baeble NEXT Session with Noah Kahan:

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