Years And Years Let You Choose How To 'Shine'
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    If most other bands released three versions of their own music video in a single day, we might roll our eyes a little bit. But British dance pop trio Years & Years make it work. The band that scored our #2 track of the year with "King" has continued the success they've had this year with tracks off their debut album, Communion, by sharing three videos for one of the record's many standouts, "Shine."

    The videos are themed "Choose Shadow," "Choose Dark," and "Choose Light" and you can guess about how the tones of the videos compare. We think we prefer "Shadow." It's got a neat Kubrick meets Lynch vibe to the whole proceedings but you won't go wrong if you choose light or dark as well.

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