The 10 Best Baeble Moments Of The Year
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2015

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    2015 was a transformative year for everyone here at Baeble. We said goodbye to the West Village townhouse we had called home since 2006, moved across the river (and down the harbor just a bit) to a temporary new location in Sunset Park Brooklyn, squatted for a bit, before ultimately deciding, 'yep, this is pretty much where we want to be' at our new office/studio in Industry City this past October. Throughout the year we continued to crank out our video content, capturing in our new space, at some of NYC's most storied venues, and at some of the most exclusive musical events around the country.

    We've also spent a great deal of the year focused on how you devour our content, reimaging both our website and its' mobile API (yeaaaah, the site finally works on your phone) as well as rolling out a new video-only app for android (IOS coming soon) just a few weeks ago. Next year there will be plenty of new tid-bits to share regarding this type of programming.

    But enough about that, because when it comes down to it, it's all about the original video programming we produce, and in 2015 there was plenty of it. Of course it's hard to choose favorites but that's precisely what you're supposed to do this time of the year. So here's our round up of the 10 Best Baeble Moments from the year that was. Thanks for watching/reading/devouring. We're looking forward to an even more exciting 2016!

    Best Musical Makeover: Cody Simpson Live at Empire Garage Austin TX

    We booked Cody Simpson to cap off our showcase in Austin during SXSW. It was a somewhat controversial booking around these parts. "Why are we booking the Australian Beiber", some wondered aloud? Luckily, cooler heads prevailed and Cody and his band ended up sweeping us away with their cool and casual beach brew, channeling icons like Jack Johnson and John Mayer, all while his (now ex-) girlfriend Gigi Hadid looked on from the sound booth.

    Best Group Performance: Delta Rae In Session at Attic Studios - Long Island City, NY

    You've got to hand it to this North Carolinian, Americana-rock outfit. They were out late celebrating a triumphant, sold-out performance, up early gigging on live TV, only to be whisked away to our daylight studio location in Long Island City for this powerful session. Yes, they were sneaking naps between takes, but you'd never know it watching this sensational session.

    Best Edit Job: Doomtree Live at Empire Garage Austin

    Doomtree are a pretty intense crew. Not in their everyday interactions, mind you. We've had the chance to work with several members on solo endeavors over the years, and found guys like SIMS and P.O.S. to be polite, down-to-earth, and amicable...sweethearts, really. But something happens when they occupy a stage, when Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger start pummeling the crowd with their hefty blue-collar beats and cinematic, yet menacing soundtracks, when 5 MCs assault the audience with verse after blistering verse. It can be a lot to take in.

    Best Solo Performance: Dustin Kensrue In Session at Baeble HQ Brooklyn NY

    There is something dark, intense, and totally beautiful about our 2nd capture with Dustin Kensrue. Back in 2011 we filmed a sesh with Dustin and his bandmate Teppei from Thrice. On his 2nd full-length album Carry The Fire, Kensrue gazed internally, taking note of the shadows that lurked in his heart and his soul. For without that darkness, there is no light...and there is plenty of light in this utterly devastating session.

    Most Charming Acoustic Encounter: Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear In Session at Baeble HQ - Brooklyn NY

    I remember being handed a copy of Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear's debut album Skelton Key at SXSW this past year. After a long day of bands, BBQ, and a touch of booze, we put it on in the car just as the sun dipped down behind the Texas hills, painting the world in gold, orange and fire red. It was a moment. But not even that could beat our experience in session with Madisen and his mother Ruth (The Mama Bear). These two were as polite as it comes, asking more questions of us than we of them over the course of our interview. And the music is truly beautiful, zipping straight to the soul and shaking the ground with its authenticity. A real gem.

    Chillest Performance of 2015: Mansionair - Live at Empire Control Room Austin TX

    We were a bit early on this Aussie three-piece and we wouldn't have it any other way. This year Mansionair signed with Glassnote Records, toured on CHVRCHES' North American tour, and swung by our SXSW party to deliver what was a supremely chill dose of electro-pop under a haze of fog. This show is totally captivating. Also, FUN FACT: This is our CEO's go-to jam to blast in the shower! TMI? Maybe? But we think you'll like it if you try it!

    Best Fans On The Internet: Melanie Martinez In Session at Atlantic Studio New York, NY

    This 20 year old Long Island singer got her start impressing the judges during season 3 of NBC's hit show, The Voice. While she didn't win, she turned the opportunity into a record contract with Atlantic Records and released her debut full-length Crybaby earlier this year. She played two tracks from that album in our session and her fans went absolutely crazy, sharing the session 26,000 times within the first week and leaving comments like, "I absolutely DO drool for her strange and beautiful music" on the site. Freaky, but so very fanatical.

    Best House Party: Robert Delong Live at Baeblemusic's Going Away House Party New York, NY

    As we mentioned before, towards the end of last year we decided it was time to write the next chapter of Baeble's story by moving the company to Brooklyn. Before we did though, we held one last bash in the Baeble basement, inviting electronic wunderkind Robert Delong by to do a set for both our guests and the cameras. The video is an incredible feat to behold...Robert is an absolute whizz when it comes to architecting his tunes from the bottom up (sometimes using hacked video game controllers).

    Shortest Session Ever: Third Eye Blind Live at Pier 97 New York, NY

    This one was supposed to be simple. We were going to film a session with Third Eye Blind's Stephen Jenkins on the end of a pier in NYC on a beautiful, early summer afternoon. It was going to be perfect...and then it wasn't. We failed to take Dashboard Confessional's sound check into account, and were forced to seek silence in the form of a tiny, wood paneled production trailer. To further add to the challenge, Stephen was a wee bit busy and only had 20 mins for us. So, two quick tunes and a five minute interview later, we had the shortest session ever. But you know what? When working with a pro like Stephen, it's all we would need.

    Best Impression of a Supernova: X Ambassadors - Live at Empire Garage Austin TX

    We had a feeling we were getting something special when Ithaca NY's mighty X Ambassadors joined our SXSW lineup. The band had enjoyed a massive spot during the World Cup for their song "Jungle" the summer before. But I don't think any of us knew it would get this BIG. This past summer the band scored another spot for Jeep that seemingly put the band in front of everyone on TV, on the radio, and across the internet. Since then "Renegades" has been certified platinum. So consider us out of our minds excited to have this colossal dose of drama on the site. This is exactly the kind of show that makes us think X Ambassadors might be well on their way to becoming Gods themselves.

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