Behind The Streams: Celebration
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2011

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    It's the time of year to celebrate-- celebrate the birth of Christ, packages under the tree, the end of a year, and the start of a new one. Baeblemusic has a lot to celebrate, with very significant traffic growth and tons of new relationships that will power us into 2012.

    We all are attending holiday parties and getting together with friends and family here in New York City. Coming home from an event last night we drove past the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center all lit up. My youngest daughter's eyes widened with delight at the sight and then she pointed out the American Girl and the Build a Bear stores as we sped down 5th Avenue wondering loudly whether either of these childhood meccas were on the list for Santa to stop by and top up with gifts.

    For me, the Holidays are a time of anxiety, as the world slows down and colleagues and business associates drift away for a few weeks to their real lives. This makes me a little crazy. All these years of this happening and I still can't get my head around the fact that January comes, the Holidays end and we are off to the races for a new year of challenges and growth.

    Back to my heading theme. Here at Baeble we celebrate talent every day, and feel ourselves lucky to do so. We feel lucky to be a part of the flow of music and entertainment that passes across your screens whether it is on the computer, on your iPad or on TV. Whether it's through the viral silliness of some of our posts, to read some thoughtful writing, or watch some of the amazing talent we feature in our videos, our objective every day is to make everyone who comes to us a little happier.

    I must admit that we peak in on who our users are to get a better sense what works and doesn't for our audience. We use all the traditional tools at our disposal to see what pages people like and how long they stay. We measure success a number of ways through the weeks. Occasionally we look our users up on Facebook to put faces to the digital intelligence as we are all human and want to see the faces at the other end of the line. Who is our audience and what is our role in their day and entertainment choices-- for those who opt-in, Facebook gives us the opportunity to peek into people's lives and connect the dots in a way unthinkable only a few years ago. One profile we built the other day struck me as meaningful. This was of a single mom with a young child. She had posted photos of herself, her child and her family. Part of her photo stream was photos of her and her father. A few photos later was a picture of she and her dad again with her sister, this caption read "The three of us together for the last time". I sat in my chair feeling her loss and the massive challenges of having young children. We all lose people and face challenges-- it's an uphill climb every day for all of us. This woman's challenges struck me as particularly acute. At the same time she had connected enough with our brand enough to share her information with us. Our sincere hope and objective is that what we do every day makes her smile or brings into her life a few minutes of pleasure and that she joins us in celebrating the talents that we bring to light, those moments of discovery that help perpetuate a love of music, culture, and what it means to be inspired.

    So as we enter the final weeks of the year join us in celebrating life and its pleasures. Baeblemusic allows us to share our passions with you every day. For the people working at Baeble, the beauty of our jobs is we get to fall in love every week with a new artist. And what we love most is bringing what we think is special and interesting to our growing audience.

    Happy Holidays.


    And now, our favorite celebratory anthem.

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