mtv debuts music meter
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2010

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    MTV, in an attempt to combat claims that they've shifted from "music discovery service" to "guido/teen pregnancy exploitation", MTV has created a new tool for people to find trendy music. Through combing social networks for buzz and removing the obvious Gaga/Bieber frontrunners, they've created the MTV Music Meter, a top 100 of sorts monitoring the internet's most talked about acts.

    Mike Posner currently sits at the top spot, with Girls and Neon Trees in the top ten. Sifting through, a gaggle of familiar names appear... and we're not talking about the background music for Jersey Shore. Each band has a drop-down tab featuring clips of their music and links to purchase, making it a kind of one-stop for the uninitiated to quickly pick out a name to drop for some indie cred, assuming they don't accidentally choose one of the scattered screamo bands (they are in there, trust me). The meter does raise a few interesting questions, most notably the process of determining buzz (which social networks?) and the criteria for being excluded (no Arcade Fire? are they too trend-ish for the meter?). Music pundits, deliberate!

    Check it out here and decide for yourself if it's really the useful tool MTV claims it to be. -joe puglisi

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