GEAR TALK: The Making of Gryffin's 'Nobody Compares To You'
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    I was immediately hooked when I heard "Nobody Compares To You," the song from California-based DJ/producer Dan Griffith, who operates under the stage name Gryffin. Featuring Katie Pearlman on vocals, the EDM song not only gets the body dancing, but it also pulls at the heartstrings. Happiness and sadness is always my favorite combination, and Gryffin mastered it perfectly. Because I love the song so much, I was extra excited when the multi-instrumentalist stopped by the Baeble studio in the flesh, lap top in hand, to deconstruct the song just for us.

    As Gryffin took us through the writing and producing process, we learned a lot not just about the song, but about the artist himself. He started listening to dance artists like Skrillex while he was studying electrical engineering in college. He is a classically trained pianist and is comfortable with the guitar as well, which gives him some edge in the big pool of producers today.

    Enjoy our latest Gear Talk with Gryffin as he deconstructs "Nobody Compares To You."

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