GEAR TALK TUESDAY: Mysterious Stories Behind a John Denver Guitar with The Dig
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    We recently premiered the track "Bleeding Heart (You Are The One)" from New York-based band The Dig, a song that immediately had us hooked at first listen. They boast a sound similar to MGMT and Phoenix, and their dark blend of electronic and rock made us curious about their production techniques. So naturally, we brought 'em in for this week's Gear Talk Tuesday.


    "It's tough to chose one single piece of favorite gear, especially as there are four of us Dig boys and we all have quite a bit of dusty old gear that we love," said bassist/vocalist Emile Mosseri when asked about his favorite piece of gear. "Since we have to choose, I'd pick the old 1943 Gibson LG-2 acoustic guitar. It's nicknamed John Denver because it has a massive picture of John Denver on its back. It's like the folksy tramp stamp of guitars. The John Denver pic along with a bunch of old tour dates that have been carved into its back was the only the reason I was able to afford it. The tramp stamp and carvings make it a lot less valuable but I love him more for his wounds and tattoos. (I know usually you're supposed to call a guitar 'her' but this one's name is John so gotta go with 'him')." Sometimes the markings can make it a little bit more... special.


    Then Mosseri continued to expand on the guitar's mystique, "The mystery of the guitar alone is irresistible. I bought it at a great guitar shop in Brooklyn called Southside Guitars but they didn't have much info on its history. So many questions! Who was the guitar's previous owner? What would possess someone to cut out the back of the guitar and replace it with a picture of John Denver? We'll never know. All the tour dates are in Missouri, Iowa, or Nebraska. And the last date was in Paris, MO. Was that the end of the road for this owner? Could it have been a very narcissistic John Denver's guitar at one point? A John Denver who plasters pictures of himself on the back of all his guitars? Unlikely, but a nice idea."

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