6 Potential Reasons Why Trump and Kanye Had a Meeting
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Earlier this morning, it was reported that Kanye West was seen visiting president-elect Donald Trump at the Trump Tower...Well isn't that just the last thing we'd ever want to see? The two most fame-and-power-hungry people have finally come together (I mean, we were kind of expecting this though, right?), but to do what? Is Trump bringing Yeezy into the office? Are they just friends chilling together? There are many different theories circulating around the internet right now, but we have some pretty good ideas of our own. These are all totally realistic and possible. Don't question, just believe. Some reasons why they got together...

    1. To combine Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Apprentice in attempt to make the buzziest (and worst) reality TV show ever

    America really couldn't get any more American after that, amirite? Think about it: Trump loves stirring up controversy, and so does Kanye. They are not just reality stars, but reality triple super stars. From Kanye marrying Kim Kardashian to Trump tweeting "I love hispanics!" on Cinco De Mayo, getting together and starting up a whole new reality TV empire would probably be orgasmic for these two.

    2. Kanye needed to confide in someone he trusted after his possibly traumatic "psychiatric emergency"

    Kanye's had a tough year. His wife, Kim, got robbed at gunpoint during one of his shows, he had a mental breakdown during a different show, his fashion shows have been flopping back and forth, and it all ended up with Kanye in the hospital due to a "psychiatric emergency." Maybe he just needed someone as dark and twisted as him to vent to. Trump is probably stressed AF right now too - after all, he did just become the president, something he had no intention of doing. They're just two emotional bros confiding in each other.

    3. Trump needed a performance for January's inauguration

    This one's pretty obvious. Kanye makes music and supports Trump, and Trump needs someone to perform at the inauguration. Why not have one of today's biggest rappers do it?

    4. To share hair dye

    Kanye's got blonde hair now:

    kanye blonde hair hospitalized

    5. Kanye lost some hype during his hospital stay so he wanted to make up for it by doing something wild in public

    Kanye's been slowly (or not so slowly) building momentum in the public eye all year long, and now after spending some days in the hospital, his number of tweet impressions probably went down. Oh no! He probably turned to his publicist and was like, "Quick Sally, how can I get more attention and get my numbers back up?" and she probably said jokingly "Go publicly hang out with Donald Trump" and then Kanye was probably like, "Sally, that's perfect! Let's set that up," and then she was probably like "shit, once again Kanye took one of my stupid jokes as real advice... I gotta stop joking around Yeezy..."

    6. Trump actually threatened Kanye to never mention his name again

    Bet you didn't think this could be one huge plot twist! What if Trump actually got so mad at Kanye for publicly supporting him on stage, that he called him in for a meeting, privately threatened to delete his Twitter, and then told him to go out and smile for pictures to actually ease suspicion? Okay, it's unlikely, but use your imagination, people...

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