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    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2011

    • Posted by: Julianne Wagner

    Girl Talk's All Day is meant as a whole and is only broken up into individual tracks for navigation. This is not just a concept. Gregg Gillis' intent, while never completely known, is to make a homogeneous substance out of everyone's favorite songs. A mashup, while comprised of hundreds of copyright-wary nuggets, is something new, a force because it is unified.

    Perhaps the greatest tribute to this idea is Girl Walk // All Day, a 71-minute feature length music video featuring Girl Talk's seamless album as the soundtrack. The characters here only speak through the movements of their bodies. Our heroine is Anne Marsen, a bubbly and bold dancer who confined by the restrictive environment of her ballet class, kicks it all to hell and travels across the river to the great 'ol New York City. In her kick-ball-changes and pirouettes across famed streets she meets The Creep (John Doyle) and The Gentleman (Daisuke Omiya). Girl Walk // All Day's aim is to celebrate and engage a culture so inherently distracted by the ease of technology. Through Anne's Big Day in the City she interacts with crowds, who often look befuddled and even ask her why she's dancing. She just replies "Because I"m happy". Inspiring enough to get up from your desk and start dancing!

    Chapter 1: School's Out

    Chapter 2: All Aboard

    Chapter 3: ((in Lower Manhattan; features a "Single Ladies" group dance))

    Chapter 4: ((Wall Street & the Highline))

    Chapter 5 (just released today) takes you to Chinatown and the Williamsburg Bridge, where you'll meet another crew of talented dancers. Watch it on Gothamist here.

    The film will continue to be released in a series of 12 chapters, two per week on Gothamist through the beginning of January.

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