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    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2011

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    The phrase we would use to describe Active Child's debut, You Are All I See is "pleasantly unexpected." Though the album shows some qualities that might mellow the minds, we couldn't help but fight the numbing feeling in order to pick apart the dense, compositional nature of the band's semblance of sounds. Sure, one might feel compelled to sit back and sink into their seat, but there's more to be gained through active engagement. Think of it as an exploration of the band's depth while fighting the instinctual swim up to the surface. And as our most recent concert capture clearly demonstrates, it's a journey in any setting.

    In performance, Active Child is as unique as they come, with lush beds of synths, otherworldly electronics, and divine runs of harp laying the groundwork for singer Pat Grossi's smooth, strangely operatic falsetto. Songs like "High Priestess", "Hanging On", and "Playing House" appropriately lift off from minimalist origins, eventually blossoming into monstrosities of sound before settling back down again. The audience is hanging on every note, inhaling elements of R&B, 80s pop music, and the outskirts of indie rock along the way.

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