what happened this weekend?
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2010

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    Listomania in America! Before you're tainted by Pitchfork, stuffing stockings and mixing Xanex and egg nog, get your fix of voting for 2010 favorites on Baeble. And then let's talk about what happened this weekend! Not much, but let's talk about it!

    Paul McCartney was on SNL with host Paul Rudd.

    Um, I know the Beatles are on iTunes now but bringing Sir Paul into the painfully abysmal laugh-free zone known as Saturday Night Live seemed a bit cruel. Did they skip the sound check? Backup vocals = sadface. Via the "I never sleep, seriously" Audio Perv:

    Sorry for the cutoff! I won't trouble you with the Digital Short. It was dumb.

    The critics begin getting critical...

    Stereogum announced their top 50 albums last week placing Kanye West at the top of the heap (with Arcade Fire a close second). Pitchfork is gearing up for their vice-grip on opinion, STAY TUNED. ON THE EDGE OF YOUR MOUSE.

    Christmas bells aren't ringing yet but they are out of their boxes and they look antsy! -joe puglisi

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