list of the day: 10 mind-blowing easter eggs in famous albums
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2010

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    We don't usually feel a profound need to repost the extensive reporting of others, most notable those who are reaching for the laffs, but this Cracked list is a must read for music fans, especially those who also happen to have a crippling love of conspiracy theories (read: me). The easter eggs include hidden messages, Radiohead predicting the future, and even album covers that change to color WHEN YOU GET THEM WET. This is heavy stuff, people!

    My favorite one by far is the "10s" theory about OK Computer and In Rainbows, which points out exactly how taking the tracklist and alternating each, starting with OK Computer, and a 10 second crossfade, reveals all the songs flow into each other almost seamlessly. That's some Da Vinci Code sh*t right there.

    Check out the full article here. -joe puglisi

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