Lucy Dacus Shares Emotional New Song 'Night Shift'
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2017

    • Posted by: Maddie Brown

    Indie rock singer-songwriter Lucy Dacus has shared her new song "Night Shift" off of her forthcoming album Historian.

    The stunning track spills with poignant lyrics and complex emotions. She sings, "I feel no need to forgive but I might as well / But let me kiss your lips so I know how it felt / Pay for my coffee and leave before the sun goes down / Walk for hours in the dark feeling all hell." While there's plenty of heartache, you can still sense resilience.

    She told NPR "This is the only breakup song I've ever written. For a long time I didn't believe expressing this sort of negativity was productive, but it's less productive to resist the truth of a situation. It's a hopeful song."

    Historian comes out March 2nd.

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