Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit Releases First Video From His Upcoming Holiday Visual Album
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    Just in time for the holidays, Michael Angelakos, known mostly for his hugely popular electro-pop project Passion Pit, just released the first single from his upcoming musical video album, Merry Christmas Mr. Fields. This first single, "Stained Glass Windows," feels like the part of the larger story that it is, describing the protagonist's love for someone through the use of religious imagery. The song is designed to evoke the feeling of Christmas, with its minimalist piano tune only joined by bells and building synths that match the building intensity of the song. With its talk of angels and holiness, the song seems to connect the protagonists love to the feeling of religious ecstasy inspired by these allusions. The song also seems to find a happy medium between the explanatory nature of musical theatre and the more metaphoric language of songs, creating a track that stands on its own, while also clearly conveying an aspect of a larger story.

    The video released to accompany this song depicts a young girl participating in some kind of holiday pageant and singing the song on stage. The video shifts between showing her, and the reactions from the other students watching, who seem enthralled, and at the end are all lulled to sleep by the tune. The video also briefly shows an adult couple in the audience staring into each other's eyes, who may also be key characters in the plot of this musical. Although it's, obviously, a major departure from Passion Pit, this track shows the same emphasis on sounds conveying joy and ecstasy from Angelakos. The full visual album has been slated for release the day after Christmas this year, and if this song proves anything, promises to be in the spirit of the holiday.

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