Single Serving Of Holiday Cheer: Dent May
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    Someone has finally sang the truth about being home for Christmas. The truth is that it's nice to see all your old high school friends, and your hometown's holiday lights, and hang out with your parents, but after day one it's a lot nicer with the aid of your little cousin's stash. The someone is Dent May. The Oxford, Mississippi based singer/songwriter specializes in a folksy brand of psych pop.

    The beauty of this Christmas original is that while it's a silly stoner-confessional, it's set to a wonderfully sincere holiday soundtrack. May's folk-tempered synth assisted pop lends itself to bells and tinsel, and his voice adopts genuine moments of rock n' roll soul. The playful chorus of "I'll be stoned for Christmas this year/I'll be stoned for Christmas," gets an Elvis Presley fade-out, dipping down with "I'm sorry Mama." And you should be sorry, but, the reality is that you'll probably also be stoned.

    Dent May's album Warm Blanket walks the same line of Ben Folds style goofball comedy and genuine greatness, you can get it on iTunes. Listen to the hazy ingle "I'll Be Stoned For Christmas," and try not to cough.

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