Lorde Loves To Dumpster Dive
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Lorde never stops getting cooler. The 18-year-old grammy winner, platinum selling artist, and now, Golden Globe nominee doesn't let fame get to her head, and has revealed how dumpster diving is a long standing staple activity she refuses to give up.

    Back in her homeland of New Zealand, Inorganics is a recycling program, which takes old furniture, clothing, appliances, art and the like to a landfill where it is open to the public to pick through. When asked by The Telegraph about her off-stage activities, she responded by letting everyone in on her "dirty" little secret.

    "See, I'm boring because my favorite thing to do is trawl the inorganics," she said. "It stays on the street for a few days and then its collected and put into a landfill somewhere, but people drive around and go through other people's household rubbish. And, honestly, Ive gotten amazing furniture, shoes, hats, jackets I did this three weeks ago! [I'm] recognized every single time. [It's] so embarrassing!"

    Embarrassing or not, we'd love to see her best finds.

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