Beyonce Celebrates Her Album's Anniversary With A Very Personal Video Retrospective
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    About a year ago Beyoncé broke the internet with the surprise release of her self-titled fifth album BEYONCÉ. The album was Beyoncé's most personal release to date, and in commemoration of the success of her highly produced vulnerability Bey has released an 11 minute short titled "Yours And Mine." The video is a collection of intimate behind the scenes footage from filming the album's videos, narrated by Beyoncé. As she touches on her own experience with feminism, family, loss, and fame, thematically corresponding moments from the record surface, enhancing the personal connection between her work and her considerably private life. Beyoncé has done such a meticulous job of keeping the details of her private life private, that this controlled glimpse into her personal feelings is a reminder of an odd truth the fan condition has caused many to forget: Beyoné Knowles is a human being. Albeit with a ton of money, killer style, and the coolest job ever.

    Watch "Yours And Mine" below:

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