Premiere: Strange Talk's Refrigerator Spelling Test
    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2013

    • Posted by: Cassedy Banks

    It's been two years since Australia's synthy quartet Strange Talk set loose their first self-titled EP, which was re-released in June 2013, and now they're coming back with more. The group describes themselves as an "odd" mixture that includes "a classically trained violinist, a dance producer with a DJ background, and two funk/soul musicians," saying "It's weird how it all gels together, but that's the unique flavor of Strange Talk." And, their newest stop-motion lyric video for "Climbing Wall" is just as exciting as the song itself, filling the air with dance coos and electric sensations. Their highly anticipated, self-produced debut album Cast Away will be coming out early 2014 through Wind-up Records.

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